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Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:52 (A review of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi)


As a fan of the original - Star Wars (1977), I don't like the sequels of the original trilogy, include The Empire Strikes Back and this sequel.

Return of Jedi isn't a bad movie, it's better The Empire Strikes Back because of there are many wars that episode V didn't mention. The point that I don't like in this episode is the battle between Luke and Palpatine, Luke can't destroy him and Darth Vader killed him and rescued Luke. So is Darth Vader the hero in this movie?

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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:52 (A review of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back)


The first time I saw this movie is very fantastic, it used to be my favorite sci-fi movies. But in this morning, I saw again and I felt boring. It's very hard to explain but I think there are some reasons that it can't be better than the first:
-No Obi-Wan Kenobi in the journey.
-Bad acting of Billy Dee Williams, who played Lando.
-Reckless Luke Skywalker.
-No feeling in the Yoda's meeting.
-Is the romance between Han Solo and Leia important in the film?

I'm not hard-hearted or cynical, I has just loved the first - Star Wars (1977) too much so I can't try to love this sequel.

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From Here to Eternity review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:51 (A review of From Here to Eternity)


There are 10 reasons that why From Here to Eternity is better than "remake" Pearl Harbor (2001):
-Outstanding acting: Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Frank Sinatra, Donna Reed
-The life of 2 Privates in the army
-The unhappy love story
-The unfairness
-The exploitation
-The death of Angelo Maggio (I wanted to cry)
-The "Army" love of Prewitt
-The great ending
-Won 8 Oscars
-And there are no stupid triangle love like Pearl Harbor!

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It's not only the great documentary movie,it's the

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:50 (A review of Man With a Movie Camera)


There are many scenes that are stunning! But here I just mention some outstanding scenes:
-The Opening: The movie began with the cinema/theater and audiences waited the film that would start in few minutes. They were very happy.
-The Sleeping Girl and the Running Train: Then, the girl who was sleeping was shown, and we can see the poster which showed 2 men who smiled and had the action like they want you being quiet. That means something bad would happen. Next, the running train was shown. It's very fast and then the girl woke up and scared and got dressed quickly. She wanted to escape. Why? The poster and the train were shown again. So I think the train is the government and the sleeping girl is the victim.
-The Workers: In this scene, many workers were working in the factory. There was the man who was climbing to the stack of the factory. He was tired. And I knew how heavy suffering they got?
-The Eyes: The movement of this scene is very fast. The life in the city, the population, the emotion of people. One old woman was angry, one was happy. Could you be happy if you live in the suffering country?
-The Married Couples: There are some couples who booked to marry. They're happy and their future could be better. On the other hand, the funeral was shown. I don't understand why the director used this scene? May be he wanted to show that the death was the normal event in life? Then, the baby was born, the mother was happy and her baby would be the hope of the family and the country.
-The barber-shop: Some rich girls at the barber-shop. While they were relax, some poor girls work hardly in the factory, but they were happy. Although you're poor or rich, you must be happy because it's the hope of this life.
-Sports: The holiday came. Rich people went to the beach. Poor people had the nice day with their friends. They played sport, went to the bar and enjoyed themselves after the tired days. You know, the government never lets them give up, because they have the powerful will.

Man With A Camera Movie isn't only the normal documentary film, it's the powerful and wonderful story through the eye of people.

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People's tastes nowsaday are different from me!

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:47 (A review of Young Frankenstein)


4 months ago, I watched "Blazing Saddles" of the famous director Mel Brooks because I saw the positive reviews from many people for that movie with the sentence: "The best comedy of all time!". After I had watched it, I didn't know why they love it. It's not funny, it's really stupid.

Today, I saw Young Frankenstein in my watchlist and I decided to enjoy it. I thought I would waste my time for this film because I saw the name of the director of this film, Mel Brooks, and I remembered that I've seen one of his terrible film, "Blazing Saddles". After that, I realized my feeling was true: It's really bad.

In the beginning of the film, I liked it, it described the landscape of the castle, too dark. And I like the way they used the color black-white of the film. My feeling was growing up until I realized the half part of the film was passed but the character Frankenstein hadn't appear yet. After that I saw the little journey of Frankenstein, and I think it's too normal, it's not special, that I can see in many other movies. In the scene that Frankenstein was kept in the prison, I saw the stupid love story of Dr Fronkensteen, why could he be happy when his friend could die? In the most of last scenes, there are too many love story and I don't know that what did I watch? Comedy? Horror? Or Romance? I am very disapointed!

So I don't like this movie, Blazing Saddles, Holy Grail and Life of Brian that aren't funny, they are really stupid!

No likes

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The Great Dictator review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:46 (A review of The Great Dictator)

OCTOBER 18TH, 2015

In the first time I saw this movie, I thought that I was wrong when I gave 4 stars out of 5 stars, but in this second time, I think I am true!

The Great Dictator is the first sound film of Charlie Chaplin and is also the first Chaplin's boring movie that I've seen. Because the film advanced a stirring, controversial condemnation of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, fascism, antisemitism, and the Nazis, so almost people like it? The great song but boring comedy-war story, boring characters, boring ending...

If Chaplin wanted to send any message about war, I think he should remove the story of the Jewish barber in the movie.

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The most boring journey!

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:45 (A review of The Seventh Seal)

OCTOBER 17TH, 2015

After I watched The Seventh Seal, I think that Ingmar Bergman isn't my favorite director.

I said that I never like movies about religion, include Christianity and Islam like The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928), Ben-Hur (1959), Fanny and Alexander (1982) (another movie of Bergman) and A Separation (2010) because I'm Buddhism.

I like the song that described the emotion, the feeling of characters. But I can't understand the ending of the movie:
+The girl's feeling and her face.
+The appearance of the Death.
+The scare of Antonius, the Danse Marabe.
+The happiness of Joseph and his family when they saw the Danse Marabe.

So, who can explain me the ending of the movie and why almost people love this movie?

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The Dark Knight review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:42 (A review of The Dark Knight)

AUGUST 7TH, 2015

I had rated this 5 out of 5 stars because I loved Heath Ledger's performance and the plot. Today I rewatched and I had the feeling that isn't better than the first time. I believed that The Batman Begins (2005), which I had underrated in the trilogy, is better than this "masterpiece". So here is the battle between TBB and TDK:

*The Plot:
-TBB: dark, the story about Bruce Wayne who try to forget the fear and become the hero, Batman. It's very easy to understand.
-TDK: not dark, the story about the battles between Batman, the Joker and Harvey Dent, but it's very hard to understand.
Winner: The Batman Begins.

*The Acting:
+Good: Christian Bale and Michael Caine.
+Bad: Katie Holmes.
+Good: Heath Ledger (Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor), Maggie Gyllenhaal (the nice change) and Aaron Eckhart.
+Bad: Christian Bale and others.
Winner: The Dark Knight.

*Visual Effect: no idea!
Winner: no one!

-TBB: not much!
-TDK: so much! (the main reason I think that there are lots of characters)
Winner: The Batman Begins

So we have the winner... The Batman Begins. Of course that is my opinion. Almost people think The Dark Knight is the greatest of the triolgy, superhero movie, the 2000s or all time. But they don't know that Ledger saved the movie!

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Bambi review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:34 (A review of Bambi)

JULY 15TH, 2015

-The "Remake" Lion King (1994) is better than Bambi.
-It's cute and funny but it's too dull and Bambi's childhood is boring.
-Bambi is the ending of the first Disney's golden era.

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The Passion of Joan of Arc review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:34 (A review of The Passion of Joan of Arc)

JULY 12TH, 2015

There are 2 reasons that I don't like this movie:
1. I don't like movies about religon.
2. Because I am Buddhism so it's very hard to make me feel impressed.
Another movies that have same topic that I don't like: Ben-Hur (1959), A Separation (2011)...

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