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The powerful story!!!

Posted : 11 months, 3 weeks ago on 31 July 2016 03:56 (A review of Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive)

I can say that GoGo V is the first Sentai series I watched full by Eng-sub (because I’m Vietnamese). May be its plot isn’t as good as PR Lightspeed Rescue (villains are boring and some episodes made me want to sleep because there’s no development of story and characters). However, Lightspeed Rescue doesn’t have the way building characters development, GoGo V did well. I love every members of Tatsumi family (excluding Shou because there’s nothing special about him). This topic, family, is better than Magiranger which most of Sentai fans called it is the masterpiece of family of Sentai. But that isn’t true because Magiranger just shown us the problems, there’s no the way to solve them. GoGo V did. Each episode is each powerful story about life, the courage, the love of family, the maturation. Sometime one member had the disvantage, their brothers/sister solved it. That’s why I prefer GoGo V than Magiranger.

That’s just my general view about plot. Here are more details:
-Main characters/Rangers:
+Matoi Tatsumi/GoRed: You know, Matoi used to be my least favorite GoGo V ranger in few first episodes because of his personality, too impatient. However, by the time, I realized how cool he really is. As the leader of GoGo V and the eldest member of Tatsumi family, he must take care of his brothers and sister, he taught them about the courage and the solutions to solve their problem. Every Sentai need him.
+Nagare Tatsumi/GoBlue: He looks like the mastermind. Like his father, he is smart and good in technology. He made plans before fighting and created weapons. However, almost his episodes are normal so he is little part in my heart.
+Shou Tatsumi/Go Green: He’s too normal and there is no his characters development in his episodes. He is my least favorite ranger in series.
+Daimon Tatsumi/Go Yellow: Before I watched GoGo V, I saw him in versus movie Gaorangers vs Super Sentai and I have been impressed. He is the youngest son(but he is the eldest in real life) so he must accept any his brothers’ orders. He admitted any mistakes when he did wrong or not. That why I liked him.
+Matsuri Tatsumi/Go Pink: She is my favorite. She’s pretty and I like her warm love. No Matsuri, no brotherhood in Tatsumi family.
*Supporting Characters:
-Professor Mondo Tatsumi: He is a funny and great father. But his own story isn’t much so like Nagare, just little part.
_Villains: I can say all of them are boring, so I just talk some villains:
+Dinus: the least boring in series, I felt there is love story between Nagare and her. I hate Dinus death, why she died for Zylpheeza?
+Zylpheeza: I prefer him in Lightspeed Rescue because he is the enemy of Titanium Ranger.
+Salamandes: He’s useless. Like Zylpheeza, I like him in Lightspeed Rescue.
_Kyoko Hayase: She appeared in few scenes of few episodes and I think the series is still good without her.
*Design: I love the design of suits, weapons and mecha, it’s very cool and I am going to collect GoGo V toys.

My Rating: ★★★

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The Battle of Algiers review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 03:14 (A review of The Battle of Algiers)

JUNE 23RD, 2016

The film isn't as strong as because of there's no important factor: emotion. Battle of Algiers just showed us the battles between Algieria and France, Algieria killed French, French killed Algieria, Algieria killed French... no motivation here. The film didn't show us examples about problems of Algiers (economy, food, death, sickness...). Is it very hard? I love Schindler's List, Platoon, Apocalypse Now... because I know the feeling of people in wars: they cried, they scared but they never give up because of their dream, their hope of peaceful days.

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I wasted money and time for this stupid sequel

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 03:13 (A review of Finding Dory)

JUNE 17TH, 2016

I miss the golden age of Pixar. Toy Story, Wall-E, Ratatouille... where are they now? I don't know why many people like this film. There's nothing I learned from this film. Stupid journey, stupid characters, stupid story... and some funny action-scenes didn't make me laugh. Finally Dory found her parents, but you know, that didn't make my cry.

This is just good for kids. Worst animated film ever. No, worst film ever!!

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Time goes by so fast but we never forget our memor

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 03:12 (A review of Early Summer)

JUNE 15TH, 2016

Question: Who is the best Japanese director?
Kids: Hayao Miyazaki!!
Adults: Akira Kurosawa!!
Me: Yasujiru Ozu!!

For me, Early Summer is one of my favorite Ozu's movies, and it's underrated. No movie can describe the family simply like this. We can't do anything when we are old. When your friends get married, they are busy and they can't spend time for you. You're sad, that looks like you lost somebody. At that time, after World War II, many families started again. They were poor and they don't want their kids to be like that, so they hoped their kids get married with someone who was rich and has nice job. But that never happened and they cried. Their kids cried too because they made parents felt disappointed. Sometime, you go out, look to the sky and see your life, your memory come back and we wish time never goes by so fast.

Well, you should spend time for this simple film, it's very great!!

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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 03:11 (A review of Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens)

MAY 2ND, 2016

Although it's better than The Empire Strikes Back (1980) & The Return of Jedi (1983), it's hard to say I love it. The first 30 minutes of this movie is great and I hoped it didn't make me feel disappointed as the prequels (excluding the original). But no. Everything changed when old characters (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia...) appear. May be you don't believe me but the film would be better if they didn't use old "friend". J.J.Abrams did it because he thought that made us love his work. He's wrong. That just helped him got the high grossing. I don't like the story arc much. Han Solo was killed? The romance of Rey & Poe (may be)?... It made me remember the stupid era of Anakin Skywalker! But at least, I could see Luke Skywalker in the last scene and I hope that Episode 8 do it better!!

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Brave review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:58 (A review of Brave)

JANUARY 10TH, 2016

When did Pixar start to become Disney film? I knew, Disney bought them but it's doesn't mean they need to do like their "mother" company. The princess, the prince, the queen, the king, weapon, witch, wizard, castle, jungle, Viking, boats, horses, town, magic, bears, motherhood, the ending, the songs... all of them looks like Disney's style. Please don't do the film like this again, Pixar! Where is the golden age of you, Pixar? I am very dissapointed!

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A Bug's Life review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:58 (A review of A Bug's Life)


It's 8 years I haven't seen it and this is the second time I watched. After watching this movie, I missed the golden age of Pixar that their movies are beautiful and simple, with the great songs. A Bug's Life is too underrated and it's also the least famous Pixar movies, I can explain:
-It doesn't have the sequel.
-It released before the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.
-The big effect of Toy Story at that time.
-The comparison with Antz (1998).
-There are the huge sum of reviews made it has the low score in IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes... that made people think it's not a good movie.

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Cars review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:57 (A review of Cars)


It's a long time I haven't seen this simple and beautiful movie! Cars is one of my favorite Pixar movies & I think it's too underrated! Here's why I love Cars so much:
-My childhood movie.
-The first Pixar movie I saw.
-The first Pixar movie I has loved.
-Paul Newman.
-The country songs.
-The town.
-The glory.
-The friendship.
-The love.

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Casino Royale review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:54 (A review of Casino Royale)


Not as good as the first time I watched. There are 10 reasons that I think it is better than the sequel, Skyfall (201):
-The opening scene.
-The opening theme.
-Parkour on the buildings.
-Runner in the airport.
-Funny and lady-killer Craig.
-Eva Green.
-Casino Royale.
-Last battle in Venice.
-Sad love story.
-Ending scene.

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Throne of Blood review

Posted : 1 year ago on 24 June 2016 02:53 (A review of Throne of Blood)


Throne of Blood is one of my favorite Kurosawa movies, it described the ambition, which you can kill your family and your friends because of your profit.

The point that I don't like about Throne of Blood is Toshiro Mifune's acting. If the first Akira Kurosawa you saw is Seven Samurai, you can understand what I mean. Because Mifune's acting in this movie isn't different from Seven Samurai, so I felt normal. Why Kurosawa always used the old cast and old acting? That is the reason that Seven Samurai is the only film I gave full stars.

I think Ran (1985), which is another Kurosawa movie, is better than this film and you could call it the "remake" of this film after you saw it.

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