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Recent reviews

The powerful story!!!

Posted : 1 year ago on 31 July 2016 03:56 (A review of Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoFive)

I can say that GoGo V is the first Sentai series I watched full by Eng-sub (because I’m Vietnamese). May be its plot isn’t as good as PR Lightspeed Rescue (villains are boring and some episodes made me want to sleep because there’s no development of story and characters). However, Lightspeed Rescue doesn’t have the way building characters development, GoGo V did well. I love every members of Tatsumi family (excluding Shou because there’s nothing special about him). This topic, family, is better than Magiranger which most of Sentai fans called it is the masterpiece of family of Sentai. But that isn’t true because Magiranger just shown us the problems, there’s no the way to solve them. GoGo V did. Each episode is each powerful story about life, the courage, the love of family, the maturation. Sometime one member had the disvantage, their brothers/sister solved it. That’s why I prefer GoGo V than Magiranger.

That’s just my general view about plot. Here are more details:
-Main characters/Rangers:
+Matoi Tatsumi/GoRed: You know, Matoi used to be my least favorite GoGo V ranger in few first episodes because of his personality, too impatient. However, by the time, I realized how cool he really is. As the leader of GoGo V and the eldest member of Tatsumi family, he must take care of his brothers and sister, he taught them about the courage and the solutions to solve their problem. Every Sentai need him.
+Nagare Tatsumi/GoBlue: He looks like the mastermind. Like his father, he is smart and good in technology. He made plans before fighting and created weapons. However, almost his episodes are normal so he is little part in my heart.
+Shou Tatsumi/Go Green: He’s too normal and there is no his characters development in his episodes. He is my least favorite ranger in series.
+Daimon Tatsumi/Go Yellow: Before I watched GoGo V, I saw him in versus movie Gaorangers vs Super Sentai and I have been impressed. He is the youngest son(but he is the eldest in real life) so he must accept any his brothers’ orders. He admitted any mistakes when he did wrong or not. That why I liked him.
+Matsuri Tatsumi/Go Pink: She is my favorite. She’s pretty and I like her warm love. No Matsuri, no brotherhood in Tatsumi family.
*Supporting Characters:
-Professor Mondo Tatsumi: He is a funny and great father. But his own story isn’t much so like Nagare, just little part.
_Villains: I can say all of them are boring, so I just talk some villains:
+Dinus: the least boring in series, I felt there is love story between Nagare and her. I hate Dinus death, why she died for Zylpheeza?
+Zylpheeza: I prefer him in Lightspeed Rescue because he is the enemy of Titanium Ranger.
+Salamandes: He’s useless. Like Zylpheeza, I like him in Lightspeed Rescue.
_Kyoko Hayase: She appeared in few scenes of few episodes and I think the series is still good without her.
*Design: I love the design of suits, weapons and mecha, it’s very cool and I am going to collect GoGo V toys.

My Rating: ★★★

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It's not only the great documentary movie,it's the

Posted : 1 year, 1 month ago on 24 June 2016 02:50 (A review of Man With a Movie Camera)


There are many scenes that are stunning! But here I just mention some outstanding scenes:
-The Opening: The movie began with the cinema/theater and audiences waited the film that would start in few minutes. They were very happy.
-The Sleeping Girl and the Running Train: Then, the girl who was sleeping was shown, and we can see the poster which showed 2 men who smiled and had the action like they want you being quiet. That means something bad would happen. Next, the running train was shown. It's very fast and then the girl woke up and scared and got dressed quickly. She wanted to escape. Why? The poster and the train were shown again. So I think the train is the government and the sleeping girl is the victim.
-The Workers: In this scene, many workers were working in the factory. There was the man who was climbing to the stack of the factory. He was tired. And I knew how heavy suffering they got?
-The Eyes: The movement of this scene is very fast. The life in the city, the population, the emotion of people. One old woman was angry, one was happy. Could you be happy if you live in the suffering country?
-The Married Couples: There are some couples who booked to marry. They're happy and their future could be better. On the other hand, the funeral was shown. I don't understand why the director used this scene? May be he wanted to show that the death was the normal event in life? Then, the baby was born, the mother was happy and her baby would be the hope of the family and the country.
-The barber-shop: Some rich girls at the barber-shop. While they were relax, some poor girls work hardly in the factory, but they were happy. Although you're poor or rich, you must be happy because it's the hope of this life.
-Sports: The holiday came. Rich people went to the beach. Poor people had the nice day with their friends. They played sport, went to the bar and enjoyed themselves after the tired days. You know, the government never lets them give up, because they have the powerful will.

Man With A Camera Movie isn't only the normal documentary film, it's the powerful and wonderful story through the eye of people.

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The Dark Knight review

Posted : 1 year, 1 month ago on 24 June 2016 02:42 (A review of The Dark Knight)

AUGUST 7TH, 2015

I had rated this 5 out of 5 stars because I loved Heath Ledger's performance and the plot. Today I rewatched and I had the feeling that isn't better than the first time. I believed that The Batman Begins (2005), which I had underrated in the trilogy, is better than this "masterpiece". So here is the battle between TBB and TDK:

*The Plot:
-TBB: dark, the story about Bruce Wayne who try to forget the fear and become the hero, Batman. It's very easy to understand.
-TDK: not dark, the story about the battles between Batman, the Joker and Harvey Dent, but it's very hard to understand.
Winner: The Batman Begins.

*The Acting:
+Good: Christian Bale and Michael Caine.
+Bad: Katie Holmes.
+Good: Heath Ledger (Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor), Maggie Gyllenhaal (the nice change) and Aaron Eckhart.
+Bad: Christian Bale and others.
Winner: The Dark Knight.

*Visual Effect: no idea!
Winner: no one!

-TBB: not much!
-TDK: so much! (the main reason I think that there are lots of characters)
Winner: The Batman Begins

So we have the winner... The Batman Begins. Of course that is my opinion. Almost people think The Dark Knight is the greatest of the triolgy, superhero movie, the 2000s or all time. But they don't know that Ledger saved the movie!

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Great but not Masterpiece!!

Posted : 1 year, 2 months ago on 10 June 2016 05:05 (A review of The Godfather)


The classic , perfect movie that I've ever seen , the best film of all time just behind Shawshank Redemption . I love the music in this film , so dark and short but perfect , I'm crazy with that music . Don Vito Corleone was a powerful man with the big system in Mafia . Shortly he would die , he lived like a normal man , no revenge , no attack , just enjoy with his children . His son - Michael Corleone , was just a normal and simple man , and he didn't want he would be like his father . But the death of his first wife , his older brother and his father made him would be a bad guy with an enormous revenge . After Don's death , he's killed people who cause their death . From a simple man , he would be a powerful man like his father .


One of the greatest movie of all time.

The Godfather shown the life of mafia family, Corleone when they must face the death of the members of the family, the betrayal, love and money... And the film shown the greatest cast: Marlon Brando- one of the greatest actor of the golden age of Hollywood and won 2 Oscar, included the acting in this film; Al Pacino, new actor of that time and became one of the greatest actor in the New Hollywood era; James Caan; Robert Duvall & Diane Keaton.

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I love cooking!!

Posted : 1 year, 2 months ago on 10 June 2016 05:00 (A review of Ratatouille)

APRIL 25TH, 2015

One of the best Pixar movies, may be one of the best animations. I've watched this movies more than 10 times, the first time I saw when I'm 8 years old. But in the previous times, I could't look on the bright side. I hated it. I though it's the worst animation. By the time, when I'm the huge fan of films, I look on the bright side and I love it so much.

Rat, when you imagine rat, you think it is a small animal that very dirty and stupid. Me too. I hated rat. After I saw Ratatouille, I changed. "Anyone can cook!" ( I can't remember exactly) - Auguste Gusteau. Yeah, I can cook, kid can cook, farmer can cook , rat can cook, dogs, cats, lions,... (So far). It's not important who you are, you can do anything if you have a dream, a power to get it.

"Ratatouille" is one of the famous French dish, and "Rat" (you knew), when you combine them together, "RAT-ATOUILLE", the beautiful name with many meanings.

Now I believe I can cook!

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The best series ever!!

Posted : 1 year, 6 months ago on 8 February 2016 03:00 (A review of Kamen Rider Kuuga)

-Kuuga is one of the best Kamen Rider Series I've ever seen. 

 -I love all episodes excluding Ep.17, 31, 48 & 49. Here's why:

+Ep 17, 31: These episodes just talk about old episodes of Kuuga, nothing's special.

+Ep 48: OK, I used to want Number B1 would be the strong Gurongi in any episode, but it never happens. In this episode, she is killed by Ichijou and died. I felt disappointed, is she human or Gurongi? On the other hand, I don't like the final battle. Godai just spend 3 minutes. He won! So number 0 is the weakest Gurongi?

+Ep.49: Because I don't like Ep.48 so that's why I don't like Ep.49. I don't like the ending like this. I want something more! That looks like the directors wanted to finish their series quickly. But I don't care about those 3 episodes because another episodes help me love Kuuga.

-This is the first time I love all epsiodes of the series. The way Kuuga start the journey is great, it's very hard to find the first episodes like that because most of first episodes of any series are too boring (example: Double, Kabuto...). That's when I realized I love Kuuga. Each episode is a new adventure, new experience. In addition, like Agito, I love the cases. It's very hard to drop.

-I love all characters here. Godai Yousuke is my favorite rider, who always wants everyone to smile. He seems to be good at anything (of course, 2000 skills). 

-I love Ichijo, too. In my opinion, he should be the Secondary Riders because he is one of the parts of Yusuke. Without him, Yusuke seems to be hard to win. I think that why in the next KR season, Agito, there would be the first Secondary Rider in the history, G3. You know, in the first episodes, I don't like him much because he's very serious. But by the time, he is friendly and kind, I never hate him. 

-The series would never be successful if there weren't Sawatari and the supporting characters. They look like the family members of Yusuke. Each one will give you useful experience for life.

-About the villains, I love B1. She's pretty and beautiful. I don't why. It's hard to explain. I think anyone who love her can't explain their reason.

-I love the design of customs and the soundtrack is great!! 

-Kuuga is the amazing world, this is not the KR series for you if you are fan of Neo-Heisei series like Double, OOO, Fourze or Gaim. Believe me, you never waste time. 

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Staying on Earth, not in space!!

Posted : 1 year, 6 months ago on 25 January 2016 03:53 (A review of Power Rangers in Space)

-I spent 3 days of this season! I used to think that it would be the best season, but I was wrong.

-When you see the name of the series, may be you imagine Rangers who lives space. But it's not true, they just sleep in the spaceship and stay on Earth regularly. I wish they battle against villains in the universe, I want the journey to Mars, Moon or any planet but it never happened. Worst name ever, huh. 

-Although I never watch MMPR season 3, Zeo and Turbo but I little knew something about Zordon's era. I don't know why they tried to use old characters for new rangers which would make many mistakes in the PR universe (let's watch Super Megaforce that you know what I mean). I can say I don't like these much, especially Carlos, what the impulsive man!!

-About Andros, new characters, new Red Ranger but nothing's special, he just have handsome face. 

-Zhane is the only Rangers I love in this series. He's funny, cheerful and generous, which no members in the team have. But it's very sad when he appeared in few episodes. I love Yuusaku/Mega Silver (Megaranger) too!!

-Astronema is one of my favorite PR villains. She's pretty and attractive woman!! I love every scenes I saw her. But why did she become Pink Ranger in Lost Galaxy? 

-Bulk and Skull never make me feel disappointed, Professor Phenomenus too. Greatest supporting characters ever!!

-I know this is the last season of Zordon's era but I don't like the way they put special characters in. Ninja Turtles? Justin? Adam? Who cares? The story is normal, the finding sister of Andros didn't touch my heart. The writer couldn't create their own story. They just copied and pasted. Don't tell me every seasons like that. Have you ever seen Lost Galaxy, Ninja Storm or Dino Thunder? Yeah, they copied but they knew the way to imagine their own world. 

-About last episodes, it's not bad but it's very hurry, that looks like the director(s) want to finish quickly. 

-Finally, I want to say that you should watch Megaranger, which is the better story, instead of this, or you want to waste time!!


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